Why information-site and not, for example, Marc’s personal blogs…?

I’ve been working in IT for about 30 years now, and years ago, when the internet was still in its infancy I thought, this is what I want! I want to work with this.

After working a a programmer for a while I thought, gosh… Maybe I can do nice things, privately, myself, but then I have to have a nice domain and on July 24th, 2003 I decided that this,, would be a nice domain. Afterall, you can stick anything in front of it:,, or The possibilities are endless. Beautiful! That’s what I’ll do!

Well, in the end my work became mainly technical and although there were some informatie-sites at one time, I never found enough time (besides work) to flesh out the beautiful domain to my satisfaction.

But, it never lets you go…… And because I still like the domain name – And well, it has been my domain for over 20 years – I decided to get started again and try it out with a more personal approach. Personal thoughts, ideas and information.

So for now, based on Marc’s personal blogs in an jacket. A new start…

Life sometimes takes strange turns and we will experience where this road will lead to, and which paths may still be taken.

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